Fulton Auto Auction CSV Upload Instructions

  1. Input the vehicle information into the FAA Template spreadsheet. Don’t change what the first 3 columns say, simply copy one of the cells and paste down through the last vehicle entry. The post title is what shows up in the CMS, and should be in the format MM-DD-YY. The month column needs to be the abbreviated month of the auction month, with the specific_year column being the date number of the auction (these are what shows up on the home page in the block design for the upcoming auction). You can download the FAA Excel Template here: https://fultonautoauction.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/FAA-Excel-Template.xlsx.
  2. After logging into the WordPress CMS, hover over Tools in the left black toolbar. This will open a secondary menu. Click Import within this sub menu.
  3. Clicking Import will take you to the Import page within the CMS. You will see a list of things you can import. You will click CSV out of the list (4th from the top).
  4. Clicking CSV will take you to the CSV import page. You can with drag and drop your CSV onto the choose file button, or click it and go through your files to select the correct document. After one is chosen, click Upload File and Import.
  5. You will be taken to a page that shows you the progress of the upload. The page may seem to be frozen, but it is actually importing the CSV. Do not exit or refresh the page until you see “All Done.” at the bottom of this page.
  6. When you see the “All Done.” message, look in the left toolbar again and this time click Auction Date.
  7. This will take you to the list of auction posts. Check to make sure your list has imported correctly. you will see the auction date of the CSV you just imported as the first entry in the list. This first entry is what will show up on the site as the Upcoming Auction (the second is Previous Auction).
  8. Click the title (formatted M-DD-YY) of the post to ensure that the information imported correctly. Any columns that were left empty in the CSV will be empty in the post. If you don’t see any prices, and are sure you included prices in the CSV, go back and make sure you did not inclue a $ before the price, as it will automatically be added as the CSV uploads.
  9. You will need to delete the list and re-upload when you add the list that has Run Numbers, and also when you go back and add the list with prices.
  10. When the auction is over, and you want to re-upload the list with prices. You’ll need to go in to the Auction Date posts and delete the post for the past auction that doesn’t have the prices. After deleting the priceless list and uploading the correct CSV with prices, you’ll then need to add a temporary post for the upcoming auction so that the most recent list with prices will be pushed to the previous auction section on the site. Click Auction Date in the left toolbar again to go to the main Auction Date page in the CMS. At the top, click “Add New”. This will take you to a blank post with empty fields. Enter “List Coming Soon” into the “Enter title here” field, and then skip over the “Yoast SEO” section down to the “Month Abbreviation” field. Enter the month abbreviation of the upcoming auction, as well as the date in “Specific Date” field. Then click publish. Do not add anything to any of the “Vehicles” fields. When you get the vehicle list for the upcoming auction, you can trash this temporary post, and upload the correct CSV for that auction.

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To see instructions for uploading featured vehicle images go here: https://fultonautoauction.com/featured-vehicle-upload-instructions